Here's a reading I did for myself :-)

I figured that it would make perfect sense to do a card reading about my own potential future with the online card-reading service that I would like to work for.

I asked what it would take to be successful as a reader for that service, and I drew three cards from the Transparent Tarot deck and overlaid them on one another.

I got the Magician, Justice, and the King of Wands.

I frequently get the Magician when asking questions of this nature, and it doesn't seem to matter which deck I use. Heck, it doesn't matter WHOSE deck it is, as my friend and fellow-reader drew the Magician from HIS deck when I asked something related to applying to work for this online service. The Magician is a Huge Reminder that I have all the resources I need to embark on this project. The King of Wands, meanwhile, tells me that it's time to manifest what's inside me and in my thoughts, and turn it into concrete action. (When the cards are overlaid, he and his Wand, sighifying action, are superimposed on the white Dragon that signifies subconscious, non-physical, thought, etc that is on the Magician card. Meanwhile, the Justice card, laid atop both of these, tells me that it'll be a balancing act to manage working as a card-reader. I knew that already. But I did tell my spouse, who's not over-fond of the idea of Tarot, that I've interviewed to read cards by phone, and he took it well. So as long as I don't give him a tin ear talking about the subject, I think all can work out well on that score.

Interestingly, the gold and silver scales are overlaid on what I would call their opposite counterparts on the Magician card. The Magician card in this deck shows a red and a white dragon intertwined: shades of the vision that proved Merlin to be a powerful Mage. Red can be interpreted as representing the physical, male, active, conscious, external aspects of a situation, while white can be interpreted as the spiritual, female, thought, subconscious, internal. aspects of the question. The scales of the Justice card are silver (female, subconscious, etc) and gold (male, conscious, etc). The way the card is drawn, the silver scale is superimposed on the red dragon, and the gold one is superimposed on the white dragon. It's a reminder to me that, like the yin/yang, everything contains aspects of both male and female, conscious and subconscious, physical and spiritual, action and thought, and so on. Like I said, this job will be a balancing act, and not just in the "work life vs. home life" aspect. The work itself will be a balancing act as I try to perceive accurate interpretations for each person related to the questions they ask. If I help THEM find the right balance between the the above counterparts, then I'll be doing the job correctly.