Doggone it

Sigh. I hadn't heard from one of my "frequent callers" in a few months. She had been calling during the runup to establishing a relationship with a person she really, really liked. Then the two of them connected a few months ago, and apart from doing one reading shortly after that happened, I didn't hear back from her so I figured that all was well.

Well, I just got a call from her. They haven't communicated in a few weeks, and she wanted to get some clarity on the situation.

Shoot. I was hoping that the start of that relationship would lead directly to a happy ending. Looks like we have a few more chapters to go in that situation before we get to the "happily ever after" part.

Nobody warned me, when I took this job, about how much the callers and their situations really grow to matter to the reader. Given my prior job experiences that involved direct customer contact, where the individuals I was dealing with really did matter to me, I should have figured that working as a reader would be a similar experience. As a result, I feel genuinely disappointed to hear that this caller has run into a rough spot.


Mind you, I saw enough optimistic things in the cards that I'm not willing to throw in the towel. I think the issues are fixable. But I do wish there weren't issues to fix in the first place.

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