Fortune-telling bad. Insight good. Tarot is a tool for providing Insight.

When people encounter the concept of card reading for the first time, the first thing most of them want to ask is, "What's in my future?"

I don't blame them. I did the same thing, Back in the Day. Honestly, we ALL want to know what's going to happen to us, don't we? Will we get that job we want? Will we meet our soulmate? Will we get a letter of acceptance from the school we applied to?

OF COURSE we all want to know how important life events like this will turn out. We wouldn't be human if we didn't ponder that sort of question from time to time. Animals "live in the now", focused only on the present; they neither dwell on the past nor look ahead to the future. Only humans focus on past and future actions and events, and gee, wouldn't it be a tremendous load off our minds to KNOW how things will be, so we don't have to sit around wondering about it?

Fortune-tellers would have their clients believe that their readings can predict the future. But there's a tremendous flaw in that reasoning: the future IS NOT carved in stone. It depends on the foundation that we're laying for it right now, in the present. What we do today is what shapes the future.

So why even bother getting a Tarot reading, then, if it can't tell us what's going to happen? The answer is this: Tarot readings provide, not predictions of the future, but INSIGHT into how the past and present will impact what happens in the future. I equate Tarot to a tool like a compass, in that both of them can tell you what direction you're heading. If your compass tells you you're facing West, and the direction you need to go is Northeast, what will you do? You'll turn around, of course, until you're facing in the correct direction, and then you'll proceed. Because of the compass, you avoided having to backtrack and you got on the right road sooner rather than later.

Tarot readings function in the same way. If you have a Tarot reading on the topic of a relationship, and cards come up that indicate possible conflict or confrontation in the offing, that is NOT an immutable outcome! If, because you saw those cards, you make an extra effort to keep your temper in check and be more understanding when the other person presents their side of the story, perhaps what COULD have been an argument will instead be a constructive discussion. Because of the insight you gain from a reading, you can prepare yourself to act and react in a more positive way.

Fortune tellers DISEMPOWER their clients by behaving as though the clients have no choice but to react to the future that befalls them.. Competent Tarot readers EMPOWER their clients by showing them how they can proactively work toward building the future they want.

If you consult a Tarot Reader, demand empowerment and insight from them; if they can't or won't provide that, then they're merely a fortune-teller and not a Reader, and you will know to seek insight elsewhere. Be proactive in building your own future. Seek insight in all things, and you'll find yourself reaping the rewards of a future you've sown, instead of simply sitting and waiting to see if anything desirable sprouts up of its own accord.

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