I had to laugh

This is a little bit off the topic, but not much. I've decided to hone the clairvoyant aspect of my readings. When we were kids, any experiments we did with remote viewing or clairvoyant preception was done in such a way that we were lying down or sitting quietly, and reported on or wrote down our impressions afterward.

Obviously, that won't work for phone readings, where I have to receive and report impressions "on the fly". Hence, here I sit with a music channel on the TV and I decided to get some impressions about the song what was coming up next.

The only detail that I picked up was that the song after the one currently playing would have a female lead singer.

Was I right? No and yes. The artists were JAN and Dean. I got a female-like name, even if the singers themselves are guys. Clearly, I need to keep practicing, but it's nice to know my arrow at least hit SOMEwhere on the bulls-eye target. That certainly beats missing the target entirely.

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