Always trust your gut instinct -- it's there for a reason

Did you ever describe your actions to someone in this way:

"I wasn't originally going to try [x], but then something told me I should, and it turns out I liked it!"

"Something told me to go back and double-check whether the door was locked, and sure enough, it wasn't. So I locked it."

"Something told me to avoid taking that shortcut today, so I went another route. Turns out there was a huge traffic jam on the road I usually use. Good thing I went a different way."

Notice a theme here? The "something told me" part? That's what I want to focus on today. My personal nickname for that Something is "the little voice", and I assure you that I have never failed to regret ignoring it.

Sometimes that "little voice" warns us when our subconscious is picking up on nonverbal cues that our conscious mind is missing. For example, we could be waiting for an elevator, but when it arrives, there's just one person in it and we feel a strong reluctance to get into the elevator and be alone with that individual. Any time a situation, a person, a place, etc. makes you feel concerned for your safety, listen to your instinct.

Sometimes, the Little Voice can't be described as anything other than a premonition. Again, take it seriously. A friend of mine was driving home when a warning light illuminated on her dashboard. There wasn't anything else obviously wrong, but something told her to find a safe place to pull off the road. She did so, right before the car abruptly stopped working entirely. Had the car failed on the highway or on the bridge she used as part of her route home, there could have been a serious accident. Instead, everything turned out OK and no one was hurt.

So in short, pay attention to your instincts. God gave them to us for a reason. Treat them as the gift that they are, and use them well.

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