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One of the things that any Tarot reader will notice straight away is that the vast majority of questions pertain to relationships or monetary matters. This is unsurprising, as both of those things are tremendously important in our lives.

Today's question falls into the former category.

Q. Does the object of my affection reciprocate my feelings?

A. The card I drew is the Five of Wands, reversed. It speaks of an end to competition and conflict. What I'm seeing is that someone who might have been competing for the attention/affection of said Object of Affection has receded into the background. This bodes well for you, as even if the Object of Affection was previously distracted by someone else, that distraction is removed.

The path is clear for you to step up and make your feelings known. Speak up, lest said Object of Affection be left wondering whether YOU reciprocate THEIR interest.

As you can see here, the key is to be proactive about creating the future that you want to see happen. Can we MAKE other people reciprocate our feelings for them? No. We can't make other people do anything, the same way other people can't MAKE us do things that go against our nature. But if we take NO action at all, that's exactly what we will get back... nothing. Taking the risk, and letting the Object of our Affection know where they stand with us, is worth it. The alternative is to wonder forever how things would have turned out if only we had spoken up. THAT, in my eyes, would be the biggest loss of all.

Good luck and God bless,


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