Score one for listening to the "Little Voice"! :-)

I was waiting for a phone interviewer to call me this afternoon. What I *thought* was the appointed time came and went, with over two hours to spare. Finally, something told me to email the individual who I was expecting to call me.

Turns out that she never received my original confirmation email with the date and time of the appointment. I chalk it up to an overzealous spam filter or just flat-out missing the note amongst heavy traffic in her inbox, as I know I sent the confirmation. Darn Computer Gremlins; they always show up at the most inopportune times.

But had I not listened to my instincts and emailed her again today, she would have thought I blew off the interview request, and I would have been left wondering why no one got back to me.

So I say, again, trust your "little voice". God gave us our gut instincts for a reason.

That interview is actually for a possible job reading Tarot by phone. I've now got a brand new shiny appointment time for tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck. :-)

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