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Q. Will he move in with me?

A. The card I drew for this question is The Moon. It speaks of hidden influences on the situation that we currently are unaware of. If he does move in, and I believe that the odds favor this happening, be very alert. There will be some aspects of your living under the same roof together that you might not have realized or considered ahead of time.

Your best bet is to proactively think about as many pros and cons to living under the same roof as you can. Weigh them and discuss the issue with people whose opinion and wisdom you respect. Then DECIDE whether or not having him move in with you is a good idea, whether it's a move that's best to postpone, or whether it should not happen at all. Remember, your needs are just as important as his needs in this situation, so if it benefits one of you but hurts the other one, it should be a no-go.

Hidden aspects of situations, as highlighted with this particular card, can be a mixed blessing. They could be pleasant surprises, or they could give us cause to remember the old saying, "Be careful of what you pray for, because it will come true."

It's OK for us not to know in advance every possible detail, overt and covert, of every last situation. Only God is omniscient. But it behooves us to go into important and/or life-altering events, like the one in this question, with our eyes open. We should make every attempt to learn as much as we can before we commit to anything, and we should also be honest with ourselves about what we find. That's the best way to work toward creating the present and future we want to see happen.

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