How does Tarot reading "fit" into my life?

I realize that everyone who reads Tarot cards is approaching the process from their own perspective. That's as it should be. If you're not bringing your real self to the reading process, you've gotten off on the wrong foot from the very beginning.

However... there are some crucial things to keep in mind, whether you are a Tarot reader yourself, or whether you are a person who is in search of someone to perform a reading.

For one thing, no one -- Reader or Seeker (the reading recipient) -- should ever lose their perspective. Tarot Cards are a fascinating tool, but they do NOT hold power. The ability is in the people connected to the reading -- the Reader and the Seeker -- NOT in the cards. That's the same way that my eyeglasses are not the reason I can see, but they are the reason I can see more clearly. My EYES are where the ability to see lies, not the eyeglasses. If my eyes couldn't see, all the eyeglasses in the world wouldn't help.

Also -- and this is important -- no one should ever forget, for even one instant, just where our ability comes from. I, personally, am a Christian and I believe that all our abilities, as well as everything we are and everything we do, come from God. Other persons who practice other faiths might assign different names to our Maker. But no matter what name or gender we use to refer to the One who made us, the point I'm making is that we should never, ever place the cards ahead of our Creator. Cards are pieces of paper, and the moment we start to worship them instead of the One who made us is the moment we start going down the wrong path.

That's not the only way to start moving in the wrong direction, however. Another dangerous obstacle is the temptation for a Reader to start acting like THEY are the one who should be glorified or worshipped. Nope, sorry -- we're all just regular people, whether or not we happen to have studied Tarot cards or anything else. A Reader who behaves (or worse, believes) that they are above other people somehow is a Reader who's heading for a big fall and a harsh lesson to the contrary. A Seeker who places a Reader on a pedestal is in for a major disappointment at some point, when they find out that the Reader is just as human as they themselves are, instead of being some kind of superhero(ine).

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