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Sometimes, just to keep in practice, I will "read" for questions I see in advice columns. The person who asked the question won't see my answer, but if their question is in the newspaper or online for the whole world to see, I don't feel like it's invading anyone's privacy to do a reading on it.

Today's question would fit the above description.

My partner and I live in different cities. (The cities in quuestion are a 2-hour airplane flight apart.) I want to know if marriage and family are in our future, and who is moving where?

I did a three-card draw, with the three positions in the spread representng "Challenge, Energy, Outcome". The cards that came up are The Sun, reversed, 2 of Wands, reversed, and King of Cups.

Challenge: The proverbial light of the Sun is obscured by clouds. Instead of liberation and attainment, what we have are obstacles and a lack of success. The Sun, reversed is quite a challenge to overcome indeed.

Energy: I see actions going in divergent directions. Far from helping the Seeker meet the challenge in the first card, this seems to show the two partners in the relationship working at cross purposes or just moving in two unrelated directions. My gut instinct, on seeing this card, was that neither of them was going to be moving to take up residence with the other. Instead, when the moment of commitment arrived, one or the other, or both of them, would have strong enough second thoughts about uprooting that the deal (so to speak) would fall through.

Which, though it would surely cause a disappointment to them both, would NOT be a bad thing if they are simply not meant to be together. Which, judging from the next card, could well be the case.

Outcome: This card corresponds to the King of Hearts in the modern playing card deck. The King of Cups suggests to me that the Seeker will find a very worthy new partner closer to home.

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