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We have another "gleaned from the headlines" query here.

Q. I have been talking to a particular guy for some time now. What are his true intentions towards me? Will we spend time with each other again?

A. I did a 3-Card Draw, with the three positions in the spread defined as "Challenge, Energy, Outcome".

Challenge: King of Swords. The King of Swords is a respected, upstanding and righteous man, The appearance of him as a "challenge" tells me that the guy being asked about is not going to find it easy to make himself more available to the Seeker. It could be that he's not able to do so at this time, or, frankly, he might not be willing.

Energy: Ten of Pentacles. This is a card of prosperity, in a material sense. This would be a good sort of energy to have -- it tells me that whatever challenges the Seeker and The Guy are facing to their getting together, monetary matters won't be an obstacle. (In this economy, that's a very positive thing to be able to say.)

Outcome: Nine of Wands. This card depicts one lone soldier, who is battered and bruised, but still defending his territory valiantly. My nickname for it is the "Takes a licking and keeps on ticking" card. Chances are that the Seeker is going to experience some emotional bruising, in disappointment because the King of Swords might well NOT go back to interacting as regularly with the Seeker as he did before.

However disappointing this outcome2 might be in the short term, if the Seeker will be better matched with someone else, then parting company with the King of Swords will be a positive thing in the long run. This tenuous relationship will have to become a thing of the past, in order to free the Seeker to meet the right person.

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