What to AVOID when you want a reading

Today's article is about a topic that makes me genuinely angry. It's the fact that some people will prey on others' fears by running psychic/Tarot reading "scams".

If you ever go into a shop for a psychic, Tarot, palmistry, etc. reading, and the proprietor starts telling you that you have a curse on you, forces of darkness have attached to you, etc., PLEASE make that your cue to politely pay what's owed for that one session and make an exit from their shop. Do not listen to all these ominous, dire things, because they are UNTRUE. The so-called "reader" is feeling you out to see if they can scam you out of more and more money to remove this alleged "curse", "darkness", or whatever nonsense they're spouting. They'll keep right on needing more and more money to remove bigger and worse "evil" from your life, for as long as you are willing to pay them. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Please!

Do visit THIS SITE to see how some of these scammers work.

You will see that in my Code of Ethics, I specifically mention in Item 8 that all fees are stated up-front and that a reading will never be used as a way to extract additional money for anything else, including additional readings. I said it, I mean it, I stand by it. The entire reason WHY that item is in my Code of Ethics is to distance myself and this site as far as possible from the charlatans who prey on vulnerable people.

Let me assure you, there is NO "curse" on you, and there is no force of "darkness" or "evil" attached to you. If you are experiencing a rough time at the moment, it's something that we all go through at different times in our lives. Ups and downs are a part of life. You can get through the rough time WITHOUT throwing money after money at someone who needs more, more, and more payments to remove the "curse", "evil", and/or "darkness".

Tarot is a tool for insight, NOT a tool for scaring peoploe or prying money out of people's wallets. If you see someone behaving otherwise, walk away. They don't have your best interests at heart.

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