A Common Theme in Relationship Readings

I've noticed a common theme, when people call me with questions regarding a relationship that already exists. Almost universally, they are concerned that their significant other is not being honest with them. They are questioning whether the other person's feelings are genuine, whether the other person is cheating on them, and so on.

Without fail, I find a card in the reading that will lead me to tell the caller, "You deserve honesty."

So, anyone here who's interested in receiving a Tarot reading about a relationship, please do this for me. Go and look in a mirror. See that person in the reflection? That person deserves honesty from anyone they're in a relationship with.

YOU. DESERVE. HONESTY. Period. End of sentence.

Give your complete honesty to other people, because they also deserve honesty, and require -- yes, REQUIRE -- honesty from other people in return. Anything less is unacceptable. Anyone who can't or won't be honest with you doesn't deserve to be in your life.

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