Today's Daily Reading

Today's daily reading is a three-card draw, done with the Transparent Tarot. My theme was "What do I, as a Reader, need to know today?", because tonight, I will be working as a telephone reader.

The first thing that made me sit up and take notice was that all three of the cards are Major Arcana. I got The Chariot (the two horses' heads), Strength (the lion with a woman's hand under its chin), and The Hermit (the mountain range with a bright light at the highest peak).

At first, I saw the Hermit and wondered about who I'd be turning to for advice on reading. Then it dawned on me... when I'm a Reader, *I* am The Hermit, the mentor or advice-giver, that the callers are turning to. THAT reminded me that it's a big responsibility to take on, and to take the responsibility seriously. Which I do anyway, but this card still brings that responsibility right to the front and center of my focus.

So, how can I be a better Hermit, mentor, guide, and Reader? By keeping a firm hand on the reins of the Chariot, and using the inner *spiritual* Strength that these cards are reminding me that I have. While for the callers, The Hermit might be me, for ME as a Reader, The Hermit is the goal to be reached. I'll have to drive my Chariot up to that highest peak shown in the card. Today, what I'll need to get me there is control over the opposing forces the Chariot represents, and the inner, spiritual Strength that closes the mouth of the lion (which is the symbol for physical desires, carnal impulses, etc.)

Heck. I hope I don't end up having to take that "spiritual vs. physical" literally. I'm feeling a little sick at the moment, and I hope that tonight's session doesn't turn into a battle of me trying to Read despite the distractions of physical discomfort. I'll have to take care of myself today, and we'll see how things pan out for tonight's reading session.

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