Didn't I Just Get This Card?

I had an amusing experience last night, during the wait between readings.

It was the start of my third week as a phone reader, and I did one reading where I felt like I'd JUST gotten all three of the preliminary cards that I drew. The followup cards I pulled also seemed like they were cards I'd seen recently.

So I thought, "I pull cards, via intuition, out of the deck. How is it that I get the same cards repeatedly?"

So I did an experiment. I looked at each card in turn, to see which ones felt like recent draws and which ones I don't feel like I've recently seen.

It turns out that there were a grand total of TWO cards that didn't give me a "Gee, I pulled this recently" sensation. That's the result of doing readings four days per week: You actually DO see all the cards "recently" if you do enough readings in a brief time span.

Oh, and my deck has a sense of humor. One of those two "haven't seen them recently" cards, Death, came up as the first card in my very next reading. :-) I presume Judgement, the other one, won't take long before IT shows up in a reading, as well.

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