Day Off: working with the Transparent Tarot

I have decided that I will use non-phone days to work with the Transparent Tarot. I started that process this afternoon by doing a reading for myself.

I chose three cards randomly from the deck and overlaid them on one another. The combined picture included Judgement, Queen of Swords, and Ace of Pentacles. The topic is "What do I, as a reader, need to know?" I'm looking to make my learning curve as easy as possible, so what better way to gain insight about reading than to ask the cards themselves?

Judgement overlaid on the Queen of Swords, for this longtime fan of the X-Men comics, reminded me of the images of Jean Grey as Phoenix, where the Phoenix-shaped energy aura surrounded her body. Judgement, which has the image of a phoenix, surrounds the Queen in a similar way. Instinctively, I read this as advice to let ALL my abilities shine through and use them all in readings -- this includes not only reading knowledge, but psychic ability and the Queen of Swords's wisdom and discernment. God didn't give us our abilities to let them lie fallow; they're meant to be USED, and used in combination, not just one at a time.

Over both of those images, reminding me of a big stamp on a document, is a large Ace of Pentacles image. The first meanings that sprang to mind for me are to bear in mind that I'm just beginning at this. I shouldn't beat myself up over newbie mistakes, but learn from them.

Speaking of which, one of my learning moments came last night, when a person asked a relationship question and wasn't satisfied with the results I gave. Odds favored her getting together with the individual in question. Heck she got THE LOVERS and THE WORLD as two of the cards. If there are more auspicious cards for a person to get, I don't know what they are. But because I don't phrase myself in concrete, absolute statements, like "Yes you should" or "No you won't", she kept asking the same thing repeatedly and just was not satisfied with my answers.

So the question for ME to answer, for my future readings, is this: "How can I give MY answers, which never have and never will treat the future as though it's carved in stone, to a person who wants a concrete answer?"

I think I'll put that question to the Aeclectic Tarot forums. Surely there are readers there who have had similar experiences.

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  1. Any one who mentions Jean Grey in a Blog gets my fan boy heart racing! Good call though on the Judgement and the Queen of Wands together though!