Night Three is the quietest one so far

I'm on duty until 1 AM, but boy has it been quiet. The first hour of my online session had several calls, and then everything quieted down. I even went to the website and clicked to have an online chat with a support person, to make sure that there wasn't an outage. (I didn't want to call tech support by phone, lest a call come in while I was on the other line.)

I'm still keeping to my "drink water after calls" rule.
---- (pause writing as I take a call) ----
Ha, no sooner do I write about not getting calls, then the phone rings. I should have written about wanting calls sooner. :-)

Unlike all the other calls tonight, and ALL the calls from last night, this call wasn't about relationships. It was about career. And wouldn't you know it? This person has a very similar history and work experience to what I had, prior to being downsized in '01. So I got to talk Tarot *and* Geek Dialect to the caller. I hope he enjoyed the call as much as I did. :-) And the cards that came up all pointed to the fact that the caller is doing exactly the right things, career-wise, and those efforts are going to pay off. Gee, I like when I have good news from the cards to report.

Time for me to go drink some post-phone-call water now.

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