Insight On Reading Requests

I've discovered something interesting during the past two weeks. The only people who have asked for readings regarding existing relationships are having difficulties of some kind with said relationship. Every. Single. Time.

Now, some of those people are well aware that trouble is brewing, and they are lookng for insight on how to handle the situation. But I've also discovered, the hard way, that if the person is in denial about the relationship's problems, the cards that reflect the issues they are facing will be about as welcome as having a bucket of cold water poured over their head. That's when the reader will need to have their flameproof suit on, because even a diplomatic mention of the problems could result in a flare of temper on the part of the caller.

But I have yet to see anyone who is happy and confident about any situation, not only a relationship, who asks for a reading about that situation. So I actually believe that the people who are in denial DO realize that things are amiss, even if they understand it subconsciously rather than consciously.

It's a help to ME to comprehend this pattern in my callers' questions, as it will help me manage the situations with clearer insight. I always use as much tact and consideration as I can, when I'm talking to people, because I know that the topics they ask for readings about are things that are close to their heart. But my recognizing this facet of human nature will help me do an even better job of handling my part of these conversations. And anything that enables me to leave a caller feeling more empowered at the end of the call than they felt while they were dialing is a boon.

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