The Process Continues

I have read, filled out, and mailed back the contract to the company that would like me to be a reader for them.

I can't mention them on my blog, as I solicit customers on this site. I am not permitted to directly solicit customers for myself on the same website where I declare my affiliation with their site. They're within their rights to expect their readers not to siphon off potential customers to their service by advertising ourselves to said potential customers directly. So I will abide by their wishes and not post about them by name on this blog. But suffice it to say that I find them to be very discerning indeed in their evaluation of readers. :-)

It goes without saying that the contents of the readings I do for them are to be kept confidential.

However, I have no doubt that there will be times when, thanks to work I've done for them, that I learn a lesson that helps me grow as a reader and as a person. THOSE experiences, the "Aha!" moments, are part of the reason that this blog exists. I realize that one person's "Aha!" moment can be another person's, "Well of course! Everyone knows THAT, don't they?" But by sharing the learning experience, I'll be reinforcing the lesson for myself, and possibly helping someone else who needs to see that bit of information into the bargain. Win/win.

I'm extremely enthused at the thought of taking a job doing something I thoroughly enjoy, on my own schedule, from my own home. I look forward to receiving my login information and starting work in earnest.

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